Posters guidelines

Presenting posters

Posters should be prepared in English and will be exhibited in the congress hall on the day of the corresponding session. It’s important to take note that posters need to be affixed to the display boards the day before or early on the morning of their presentation day.

To facilitate the poster presentation procedure, adhesive tape and pins will be provided to attach the posters to the display boards. If you need information about the location of your poster, kindly check with the conference information desk.

Authors are kindly requested to be available in front of their respective posters during the designated time slot in the conference program. This availability is to address any questions related to their research.

Poster format

The poster size is A0 – 120 cm (height) x 80 cm (width), presented in portrait orientation.

We recommend using Arial or Calibri fonts, or other fonts without serifs. Avoid using capitalized text, which can be less legible. To ensure readability, we suggest the following minimum font sizes (for a poster size set to 120 x 80 on pptx):

  • Poster title: 80
  • Author(s), institution, address: 56
  • Headings: 56
  • Body text: 40
  • References: 28

Your poster should incorporate the following components: a prominent title, all author(s) and affiliated institution (positioned at the upper section); a concise introduction, methods, results, and conclusions (arranged in the subsequent sections). To save space, you can omit references.

We highly recommend integrating visual aids like graphs, histograms, and photographs to enhance the presentation’s visual appeal.

Keep in mind that your poster should be visually appealing to capture attention and easily digestible within a short timeframe. Ensure that the main takeaway messages are apparent and not obscured by excessive details.

We appreciate your collaboration and commitment to following these guidelines.